10 Easy Ways toDrive Organic Traffic with Latest OFF Page SEO Techniques

10 Easy Ways to Drive Organic Traffic with Latest OFF Page SEO Techniques

As a business owner, you might be intrigued by the fact that “What actually SEO company does to bring better visibility of any website?” While a part of it is measurable but a lot of activities being carried out might be in-tangible in the short run but pays in long run. As a trusted SEO agency, we would love to make business owners aware of some of these tasks which you can expect from any SEO company that you are planning to hire or might have already hired for yourself. Website On-Page optimizations are almost a one-time affair. But what’s next? What set of White-hat SEO activities are required? Here are a few of them which are discussed below as OFF-Page SEO activities.

What is OFF-Page SEO?

Off-Page SEO refers to all those activities which a search marketer does apart from the website.

What’s the prime objective of OFF-Page SEO activities?

The prime objective of doing off-page SEO is generating backlinks. We mainly create links on various websites which provides a referral to our website and also provide a link back which is known as “backlink”. The more backlink we create, the more the search engine can consider the website relevant. Backlinks are nothing but trust flow signals which help search engine bots to identify authoritative pages on the website. The more, the better.

Role of Off-Page SEO:

The main role of off-page SEO is to build backlinks and ultimately drive organic traffic to the website. It helps to improve the ranking position of a website on the search engine result page. We already discussed ON Page SEO in the previous blog which is also a very important factor for improving the organic traffic of a website. Both On-Page SEO and Off-page SEO is like a backbone for generating organic traffic. Lets us know about the latest OFF Page SEO Techniques in 2020.

Latest OFF Page SEO Techniques in 2020:

When it comes to off pages SEO there are various activities includes in this. Here we will discuss all the latest and proven off-page SEO activities which will drive more organic traffic to the website.

  • Social Bookmarking: It is one of the important off-page activities. There are many social bookmarking sites are available on the Internet. Register on them and make a profile of your business. Submit content and links to your website.
  • Directory Submission: It is like a web directory where you need to submit the title, description, and keywords of your website. A large amount of directory submission sites are available on the internet.
  • Blog Submission: Write a blog based on your business services or products and submit them on the blog submission sites. Make sure the important keywords should be present in the blog.
  • Article/PR Submission: Article submission and Press Release submission is also a very important off-page SEO activity. Search article submission sites and Press release submission sites and share your content along with keywords.
  • Image and Video Submission: Search on the Internet image and video submission sites. Register on that and share the images and videos which are describing your business services and products.
  • Document Submission: Prepare PPT, PDF, or Word documents for your business products or services and further submit the document submission sites.
  • Forum Posting: It is like an online discussion platform where you can discuss with the people for their queries. Go on the forum sites, register on them, be a member, and join the discussion. Search your business-related forums and provide them a suggestion.
  • Blog Commenting: It is the way of giving your comments on the particular blog which are related to your business. Make sure to submit your comments with your business email id and a website link.
  • RSS Feed: RSS stands for Rich Site Summary. It is actually a web feed that helps the user to access updates on your website. If people subscribed to your RSS feed then he will get notified whenever you post any content like Blog.
  • Question & Answer: It is the best way to make people aware of your business services and products. Join the question and answer sites, find the questions related to your business, and answer them with your website links.
  • Broken Link Building: An outreach link building strategy to reach out to authority sites and ask them to link back for any possible broken link or content pieces that might benefit them as well.

While choosing any digital marketing agency for your business, these are the tasks that you can as from them and get a feel of how much work is being carried out. If you are looking for the best digital marketing company to improve your business online presence and generate more customers, time to reach out to a trusted SEO agency now!

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