Happy New Year Amiure International

A Message From Amiure Group on This New Year Eve, 2021

Dear Amiurian,

New Year Greetings!!

For all of us, the years passed by has already been passed. Now, it’s the new day today for us to see the Year 2021 as the brand new opportunity for unleashing our potential, realizing our dreams, and making our dream works.

No matter that we may had to become slow in 2020 but it is also true that we kept building our skills and moving ahead with every opportunity that had come our way.

We must not forget that time flips & flies and now as we see the Year 2020 has gone once in for all, let’s make our best comeback in the year 2021 with what we ought to i.e.- “The Best Version of Ourselves in 2021”.

We can do every great thing which others are doing at this moment, provided we are doing it with proper planning, focus & with all our hearts.

We all have seen your worth and therefore you are here in Amiure family but remember the world belongs to those who are updated versions of themselves.

Hence, let us we all see Amiure International as a bright opportunity to work in and keep harnessing our skill so that we become better skilled in 2021 with all the opportunities bestowed upon us by Amiure.

Challenges, difficulties & limited resources may be many in your way but remember overcoming limitations and making your way ahead is a life-saving skill you all must have expertise in.

Let’s gear up ourselves and welcome this brand New Year with great spirit, laughter and courage and take a pledge to become better-skilled employees and people in our life growing with all opportunities coming our way in Amiure.

More than money, it’s working on different opportunities that let you achieve self-actualization needs for a happy life.

RailRecipe is another business vertical of Amiure International, which provides food in train online to the passengers’ seat. Indian train travelers can order online food on train from RailRecipe at an affordable price.

Let’s take a pledge to work & take Amiure International Pvt Ltd. towards the next level of advancement and make it a top Employer Brand with our efforts.

Accept the bright, fulfilling, and happy New Year Wishes from all of us here at Amiure family!

Happy New Year,2021!

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