How Amiure Group is creating a high performance and superior customer service culture at workplace?

@Pooja Sinha, Manager-HR, HR Department,Amiure Group!

Amiure Group’s HR Policy aims at creating high performing culture by integrating concepts of performance management and employee engagement activities at its workplace.

HR Policy has also been framed in the most objective and tangible way so that each employee takes the responsibility of delighting customer through their behavior and service skills.

We have linked our Employee Engagement and Customer Engagement at workplace because we believe the behavior and satisfaction of Amiurian is directly linked to the quality of our service, customer experience and our profits.

We are putting more efforts into strategizing tasks such as talent management, HR strategy alignment, succession planning, performance management, ROI measures of HR, people investment analysis and many more.

Amiure’s HR strategy has been carefully crafted to create long-term value and growth for customers and its shareholders alike so that Amiure Group’s all “Business Verticals namely-Amiure International, RailRecipe, Spicyaa, Slay Forever, Go Holiday Booking perform better in the long run.

We have carefully designed and implemented every HR activity so that they promote a high performing culture and superior customer service to drive our business goal & achieve company’s Vision.

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