Our Corporate Culture At Amiure Group

@Pooja Sinha, Manager- HR, Amiure Group

How Amiure International Pvt Ltd (Rail Recipe)’s Corporate Culture Is Creating Employee Experiences During Lockdown?

The Company’s robust employee engagement aims at benefitting and keeping employee mental & physical health strong through our Learning Management System (LMS) Module for a strong comeback, as soon as normalcy resumes. In this unprecedented times when pandemic has affected employees all across the globe, the organization has introduced Employee Wellness Training Program,2020. The Objective behind initiating such Corporate Wellness Program is to substantially improve employee well-being and, in return, productivity & engagement and to avoid burnout by investing their time in well-being. We also aims at supporting employees across all areas of their lives to make a lasting impact & building culture that support employee well-being, professional development, work/life balance, productive meetings and effective communication.

Amiure International Pvt Ltd. has also introduced a relevant HR Policy to reward exemplary performers each month who left no stone unturned during lock down to work rigorously & to take Amiure to the top.

We ensure employees feel appreciated for their exemplary contribution & we keep designing revised job description for career development of employees within the organization.

Taking overall development of employees is our forte and we work religiously towards making work life balance of employees.

We believe in Employees Comes First Principle.

Amiure‘s defined Corporate Leave Management Policy for employees ensures they remain happy, engaged & productive at work.

Amiure never forgets to thank & applaud employees for their hard work and congratulate them for their work performances. 

We respect each employee & value their work-life balance.

The company has modified its existing learning management system (LMS) to suit the learning and engagement needs of its employees at all levels.

We ensure our employees learn all the hard skills associated with their profile to up skill themselves and this way we prepare each employee for next role.

Amiure also works toward soft skill development of its employees & make sure they are groomed by running effective brain training exercises.

We strongly value & respect each employee and therefore strictly adhere to No Politics at Workplace Norms.

Another Statutory Compliance as  the “Guidelines for Preventing Sexual Harassment” is an effort of Amiure towards creating a sexual harassment free workplace for the well being of employees, improving the quality of work life and keeping gender equality in the organization. Amiure International Pvt Ltd strongly discourages unwelcome acts or behavior (whether directly or by implication) namely: 1.Physical contact or advances, or 2.A demand or request for sexual favours, or 3.Making sexually colored remarks, or 4.Showing pornography, or 5.Any other unwelcome physical, verbal or non-verbal conduct of a sexual nature.

Our corporate team is focused on Learning & Development (L&D) initiatives to keep the business afloat.

We feel the ability to get disciplined workforce is a key to drive work performances, keeping employees engaged, happy & motivated.

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