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A Message from Amiure Group on This New Year Eve,2022!

HR Department AmiureA Message from Amiure Group on This New Year Eve,2022!

We all know standing by pandemic was an unrealistic challenge that we all have surpassed busy lifting RailRecipe up amidst uncontrolled external environmental factors. None of us were prepared to pay the price sailing through unknown future.
However, somehow with the grace of God, we all have upstaged by now and mastering ourselves everyday to soar with all our possible iron-willed actions. 
But remember, our fight is not over yet, we all must outperform ourselves each day by delivering on duties & responsibilities assigned in our hands, learn to unleash our latent potential, demonstrate unshown professional skills and talk humanity to escape/defend and fight external environmental factors if we encounter it unfortunately next time.
To share our bright note with you, our company Amiure International Pvt Ltd. is still firm with its vision, mission, action plan, zeal to become Number 01 Employer brand with each passing day. We know, in this mission we need more hands in form of you who can uplift company in a real way! It would only be possible if each one of you keep upskilling yourself, come forward enthusiastically to take up more responsibilities and represent the company as a brand new ambassador every time. No matter wherever you go, you will have to uplift yourself with these thoughts in mind!
It’ s not that we are not aware about the problems that every Amiurian face at ground level while interacting with customers, restaurant partners, solving unexplained company cases or even your financial constraints. Your every problem is real and humane! But remember, Every corporate takes time to shape up completely. Problems that you had faced in the year 2020 may not be the same in future as things changes with time.With new thought process, improved technologies and seamless systems in place,we may upgrade our style of working and make it more customer & employee friendly so that all we all add each other in #Amiure to take company to the next level every year.
The management heartily thank all of its ex-employees, active employees, candidates (and even those who were unable to make it somehow due to required skill gap or different location) for contributing something valuable each time, making our market intelligence better and redesigning structures that helped us beat competition & remain competitive when others players were actually leaving competitions because of their own reasons.
Let’s Head up, Develop More Competitive Edge & Become Better Soul to face new challenges each time!
Be Different, Be Busy Improving Yourself !
Have No Time to Criticize Others!
For You are Energy! Be Positive All the Time!
Never Give up! You Are Your Own Hero!
Be Kind, Polite, Full of Etiquette & Believe in Yourself!
As You Are The Proud Amiurian!
We wish you a bright, promising and a brand new “Happy New Year, 2022”!



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