“A Strategic Candidate!” or “A Specific Candidate!”?

@Pooja Sinha, Manager- HR, Amiure Group

After hiring from last 13 years, I have found job market is full of candidates who are skilled but they do not have “Career Mentors” in their life. The reason being they follow others to chalk down their career roadmap. It’s not their fault but nobody mentors these blooming candidates for the right way to start their career.

The struggles in career cannot be lessened by high remuneration expectation but choosing Learning & Development (L&D) as a strategy to grow. For me, the best way to build technical skill is to get opportunity and work hard on it in location nearer to your hometown.

By saying so, I do not mean remuneration never stream lines career but cannot estimate your increased hard skills either.

Imagine of a situation where you get hired at a high salary package but feel unable to continue that job for even six months as you were found unconfident and making blunders because of you being a fresher!

If you are a B.TECH/BCA, my advice will be to at least imbibe soft skills and a certification of relevant professional course before you apply somewhere as trainee but never be stubborn on remuneration package. That remuneration comes with experience and only experience can help you deliver error-free KRAs.

Even If you are an intern, it is still uncertain that you have got opportunity to implement all your vocational learning practically during your Internship duration. There would be many high-end implementations & maintenance work which can be closed only with years spent working inside the company. Hence, continuously working inside at workplace as an employee, one can implement the knowledge that he /she had gained while pursuing professional course.

Therefore, if you ask me the best way to start your career, I would suggest you to choose your location nearest to the hometown and then start streamlining your career. How? By creating opportunities and working over it. Why? To get stability, work life balance and continuous growth from beginning of your career.

No distant places can give you the satisfaction and eliminate homesickness from your professional life than you can get at places near your hometown.

To be honest, if you ask me I will advise a fresher or an Intern not to chase for money ; because we work in HR and we know what’s the current actual remuneration being offered & accepted in the job market amid this never ending insignificantly performing Indian economy. I emphasis candidates – freshers & Interns to think about their career growth logically after carefully considering recession, inflation rates and faltering economic growth across the globe. And not to miss any career opportunities near their hometown locations.

Good Luck!

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